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CLP on Our Products

CLP on our Products

All our wax melts and candles are CLP compliant.

So what is CLP

CLP stands for Classification of Labelling & Packaging. It’s a piece of legislation that all candle makers (and melt makers) have to comply with to sell their products legally in the UK. In layman terms, we, the manufacturer, have to work out what (if any) the hazards are in our candles, and label them accordingly, so that the end user (you) can look at the label, and immediately see what, if any, hazards the product presents. The label will include (where necessary) a signal word, pictogram, and hazard statement for each hazard class and category. Precautionary statements may also be provided.

As of June 2015, candles fall into this legislation where they contain fragrance oil or essential oil. It is not just candles that CLP legislation applies to and you may already have noticed that several household products such as bleach and washing up liquid will have warning labels on them.

What are the hazards then

There two main hazards that apply to candles are (1) skin sensitizer and (2) environmental hazards. Fragrance oils and essential oils contain a wide range of ingredients and some of these may cause skin irritation, which could lead to an allergic reaction if the fragrance oil / essential oil were to come into contact with the skin. The same ingredients or other ingredients might be toxic to aquatic environment. Where these ingredients are found in a high enough concentration, in the final candle to be a hazard, then we have to list these on the label. We also have to advise you of how to manage these hazards. This is why you may see candles with an “exclamation mark” and a “dead fish” symbol followed by a range of complicated sounding ingredients on the label. They are not there to look pretentious or to put you off buying the candle, but by law we have to list them. These are the only 2 pictograms you will find on our products, and, some products have no pictograms triggered at all.

Please be assured, we have taken every precaution to ensure the safety of our customers, and only use fragrance oils which have been vetted and contain the least possible sensitizers and hazards. We are discontinuing the use of American fragrance oils, as these are more likely to contain unknown elements.